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OPEnE we are passionate about collaborative engagement and believe that education can empower communities and facilitate sustainable socio-economic change.

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About OPEnE
OPEnE works to meet the needs of women and children in the Mannar District, Sri Lanka, by supporting community-driven initiatives focused on education. Also, we get involved with initiatives that meet the needs of the ongoing climate crisis.
Whilst some parts of the country have recovered and rebuilt following many years of civil war, not all regions have prospered. This disparity is especially evident in the Mannar district, and more specifically, the most remote villages of the district. A lack of education, occupational skills, and limited opportunities have proved particularly challenging for women and youth in the region.

Our work in agriculture and coastal fishing communities, which make up some of the most marginalised groups, has helped provide these communities with the same opportunities available to those in more developed parts of the island.
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10+ Years

“Working with OPEnE was enlightening and inspirational. I love the atmosphere that ran throughout the organization, which was full of determination and kindness of the children. It is organization such as OPEnE that are crucial for the wellbeing of Sri Lanka in a post war context.” – Talya Pillard


OPEnE was born

OPEnE was formed by a few like-minded individuals to become a development actor in the country, starting in the Manthai West Divisional Secretary Division in the Mannar district.





Digital education is promoted more.

OPEnE designed digital English education materials in collaboration with the Department of Education and the Ministry of Education, Northern Province.


Sustainable Fisheries and Environmental Awareness and Food Security are incorporated into OPEnE's program.

The Sustainable Fisheries program is launched in the coastal villages of Manthai West, Environmental Awareness is incorporated program-wide and the Food Security and Covid Response activities are carried out.


Social Cohesion becomes one of the main areas of work; All other themes of the program are boosted with new approaches and training to staff.

OPEnE has long felt the need for social cohesion and it is incorporated into the program. Environmental awareness, education, food security, women empowerment, and sustainable fisheries are all boosted with new approaches.

Driving OPEnE to greater heights
Our Team
At OPEnE, we act professionally, promptly, and enthusiastically so that we can make a positive difference to community and those who interact with us. We’re passionate and committed to helping our community learn and grow.

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Our Vision
A pluralistic Sri Lanka where all are empowered and included
Our Mission
To empower individuals through knowledge, skills, tools, and networks to make sustainable changes in their own lives and the lives of their community.
Supporting our community through
Our Objectives
We achieve our objectives primarily through educational initiatives aimed to empower women and children and promote climate justice in the Mannar District of Northern Sri Lanka.

Provide educational programmes and opportunities for students, youth, women, vulnerable communities, and minority groups.

Empower and work towards the sustainable development of communities.

Assist in reintegrating communities affected by war and natural disasters into society.

Develop livelihood opportunities through capacity building and providing advisory services to help improve productivity and market accessibility.

Promote collective engagement through interest groups such as agricultural, fisheries, and self-help groups.

Provide opportunities for empowerment of women and minority communities.

Promote inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony amongst all communities.

A testament to our
Core Values
OPEnE recognizes that everybody possesses a special value intrinsic to them and should be treated with respect. OPEnE believes transparency and accountability are critical elements to achieve good governance while collaborative engagement at all levels of the society builds inclusivity and thus promote sustainable change.


Human dignity

Good Governance



We work with likeminded
Local and International Partners
OPEnE partners with grassroots level CBOs, ad-hoc interest groups, self-help groups, producer cooperatives, and school development societies to help them achieve their goals and improve their governance. OPEnE also actively engages local, national, and international networks to be in solidarity and learn from experience. All our goals are achieved through active collaboration, building synergy, and adding value.

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Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy -OPEnE

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