We believe that the right education can change lives in a positive way.

Currently, both parents and children are focused on getting through public examinations and thus self-learning is noted to be lacking. This education focus is compounded by the fact that there is insufficient extra-curricular activities such as sports/ music in Mannar. The core of OPEnE education initiative is the development of self-learning skills.

It believes that when students are competent in English, information communication technology and self-learning skills, they have the necessary tools to take charge of their own learning and improve their skills and interests. OPEnE will continue in this, by developing English material for years 6 -10, to complement the already developed material for years 1-5 and the e-Booster course for Ordinary Level.
"There is a need to educate both parents and children on the many career pathways available based on their aptitudes, skills, and competencies"
Most children of OPEnE’s target communities do not have access to online education due to either network issues or cost of connectivity being unaffordable, and parents are concerned about the missed opportunities in the education due to school closures. The Smart Boards to schools and pen drives with education material by OPEnE and others did alleviate some of the connectivity issues.
OPEnE works closely with the local government bodies, the Department of Education, and the Schools in the regions we work. Our intention is to promote digital education, English education, and self-learning among children to bring about mindful education.

We also promote good values among children and environmental awareness. Our programs include the strengthening of School Development Societies and School Development Executive Committees to support a better administration of schools.