Prepare and respond


OPEnE intends to prepare a response plan and delineation of responsibility prepared for all areas of Mannar.

Disaster Preparedness and Response
The Mannar District Disaster Management Centre has prepared hazard mapping plans, but understanding and acting according to it would be beyond the capacity of those affected by disasters. In addition, communities have their own knowledge on ‘early warning’ of disasters and their damage mitigation measures. Integrating the hazard mapping of the Disaster Management Centre with the community knowledge, is likely to enhance disaster preparedness and effective action in case of disasters. OPEnE’s SHG is a potential entry point to work with the community for such a documentation and it would also enhance the status and scope of the SHGs in their localities.
"The increased climate change, economic instability and the risks thereof mandate for preparedness and response"
OPEnE will also advocate for a District mechanism that consists of all relevant government, non-government and community organisations to manage better the coordination of disaster preparedness, mitigation and response and also to ensure development activities do not aggravate the status quo.
Though regular flooding occurs along Malwathu Oya in Mannar during the Northeast Monsoon period, disaster preparedness remains abysmal (Karunakaran, 2014); (Thiruvarudchelvan & Sivakumar, 2019). In early November 2021, severe rain and coastal flooding affected over 350 families in Vidaththalthivu. During mid-November 2021, over 5700 acres of farm land was submerged in Manthi West, Musali and Nanattan.

Whilst the government has decided that farming would be using organic fertilizer, the rice variety that is being cultivated in Mannar was not suitable for organic fertilizer and thus it had not grown sufficiently higher and thus has heen affected by the floods.