Capacitating the communities and empowering women will lead to a sustainable development of the communities.

Community Capacity Building and Women Empowerment
OPEnE is one of the few development focused non-governmental organisations operating in Mannar and its interventions are contributing to change. As noted in the previous section, OPEnE has created space for itself through consistent and long-term engagement in its chosen sectors of work, namely community empowerment (especially SHGs), education and sustainable livelihood. OPEnE has thus cultivated excellent relationships with the communities it is working.
OPEnE believes in the collaborative engagement at all levels of the society to build inclusivity and thus promote sustainable change.
The long-term association and more importantly considerate approach of OPEnE staff are much appreciated by the beneficiary community adding strength to OPEnE’s functioning amongst the communities. The long-term community engagement has enabled OPEnE to understand better the issues that continue to keep war-affected communities from advancing in the lives and advocating and ensuring their well-being on their own.
"OPEnE believes in the need to capacitate communities for this purpose with training on objectively assessing needs, seeking funds, and implementing projects. The establishment of a Seed Fund that matches the funds raised by the community will incentivize the communities in this regard."