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27 04 2022

Working with the Central Environmental Authority and Schools to reactivate Eco-clubs

Environmental Officer from the Central Environmental Authority is talking to the teachers and children at the ANTHONIYARPURAM A.M.T.M.SCHOOL

ANTHONIYARPURAM A.M.T.M.SCHOOL is one of the primary schools in the Mannar district where the community is rural. OPEnE's approach is to utilize the available resource to an optimum level. We also promote environmental education and such initiatives with schools and communities.

Since the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) has an Environmental Education Unit and a program to create and run Eco-clubs at schools, we decided to work with the CEA to facilitate the school to form the clubs and progress. As per discussions with the CEA's district office at Mannar, the Environmental Officer in charge of the activities joined us to visit the schools and educate the teachers and students on the formation and progress.

Since OPEnE works closely with schools, OPEnE will provide follow-up and updated information to the Environmental Officer and make the schools be in touch with the CEA. We believe that working together with existing structures and systems will reduce complications while improving efficiency.