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26 04 2022

Supporting people to have home-based food security measures – tilapia culture

Tilapia farm at Neduvarampu, testing the growth on the 111th day.

After a lot of effort from this hard-working farmer, Ronson, we were able to release 250 tilapia fingerlings into his small pond with the help of NAQDA agreeing to the initiative on a test basis. We released the fingerlings on December 31, 2021. We kept monitoring the progress.

With only organic feed, the tilapia had grown to an average of 100g per fish in 111 days. It was a sufficient growth rate. This has given the farmer and OPEnE the hope that tilapia culture without artificial feed and on a very microscale is possible to achieve food security. We will continue to monitor the progress and based on the result, are excited to involve more people in similar food security initiatives.