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19 04 2022

OPEnE in Poonochchikulam village, facilitating women to understand their resources

Poonochchikulam villagers (25 women, 3 men, 5 children) from the Poonochchikulam Grama Niladhari Division under the Musali Divisional Secretariat mapped their village on the floor with their physical resources and their status with their children's support on 19th April 2022 in the facilitation of OPEnE officers. Also, they identified their economic, social, and political problems and expressed their position and desire for support to carry out their well-being work. There were three village government officials who visited and monitored the event. Here OPEnE's objective is to build sustainable community development by improving the hope of their children by empowering women by setting up women's self-help groups with targeted households/families based on their wellbeing activities.