We welcome people willing to partner with us as volunteers, helping us make a difference to the lives of the people we exist to serve.

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We are looking for dynamic, passionate, and dedicated volunteers to join the OPEnE team. If you are interested in helping to build communities and improve educational opportunities, we are looking for you! Come and volunteer with us as together we partner with communities in pursuing sustainable change.

We would be delighted to welcome volunteers with a range of skills and experience, including;
• ESL (English as second Language) trainers
• English teachers
• ICT facilitators
• Building social cohesion
• improving female empowerment
• Enhancing gender equity
• environmental conservation, marine sustainability, climate justice and disaster preparedness, as well as those with other skills and experience who can assist to develop the community capacity and improve our capacity to assist.

OPEnE delivers a range of programs with varying time frames. Anyone over the age of 18 with relevant skills and experience is welcome to become part of our volunteer programme.
“My name is Lorenza Lamas and I volunteered in Sri Lanka for about five months through OPEnE. As I continued my volunteer work in the remote Mannar district, I decided to work on a volunteering project where I taught at a school for underprivileged children. During my stay in Sri Lanka, I have found true inner happiness and peace. "
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OPEnE seeks to partner with a broad range of donors to help establish a strong network of support. Our donor community, including individuals, makes an incredible difference every year, contributing to sustainable changes.

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Bank Of Ceylon

Bank Code: 7010

Corporate Branch Code: 660

Swift Code: BCEYLKLX

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